Week 32: Malo

One night, whilst everyone was sleeping, a boat sailed into the docks. In the morning, when the sun came up, I saw this boat. It was a beautiful frégate with two tall masts and five enormous canons. I was convinced that it was a pirate ship. That night, my best friend and I went to investigate. We dived into the freezing water, swam to the boat, climbed up a rope and we went in through an open porthole. But then, out of nowhere, a huge pirate grabbed me. But I managed to break free and we disappeared into the night.

Week 31: Maëlle

Earlier this morning, I was at an amusement park and I saw a ride that I had never seen before. I went closer and saw a poster written: Come in if you aren’t scared. I wasn’t. Suddenly, I saw a boy running out of the ride, screaming. So, I decided to go in. Inside, the sky was purple and there was a full moon and lots of trees. I was alone. There was the forest nearby. I went in. I was walking when I heard a loud scream, I turned around and then…. I don’t remember, it was too scary.


Week 31: Malo

One day, in the darkness of the forest, a tree was born. Not an ordinary tree of course. This tree could move, like in video games. It had legs and arms. A few years after his birth (about 50 years after) he fought with his parents and stormed off into the forest. After a few days of walking, he arrived at the Mountain of Hope, where the Queen Fairy lives.
He wanted to find the fairy, so he could ask for his greatest wish to come true. He found her, she granted his wish and he became a normal tree.


Week 28: Malo (8/4/20)

Once upon a time there was a fleet of giraffes that could fight. Yes they could fight! They also had a superpower; they could sneeze snowflakes. One of the giraffes was called Coco. Coco was strange because he was short and blue and so he did not fit in with his fleet. He got bullied so he was always very sad. One day Coco did something amazing, he turned red. And I mean really, really, red! And the next day he turned pink and the day after that he was orange. So the other giraffes called him the rainbow giraffe.

Week 28: Maëlle (8/4/20)

Dear Diary,
Yesterday, I was watching a superhero movie on Netflix and I was really jealous. Why can’t I have superpowers ? That’s when I decided what my superpowers would be: I would control the weather, so when it’s Christmas I would make little blue snowflakes fall from the sky;  I would talk to animals, like if a giraffe looks sad I would be able to tell it a joke to make it happy again;  I would fly and be invisible;  and I would be able to speak every language in the world so that I could watch Coco in Spanish.