Week 38: Malo

It was late at night, the sun had already set, the annual elephant meeting was about to begin. The president of elephants was about to deliver his speech but he got a phone call from his wife who said she was having a baby so he had to leave immediately. The right hand elephant of the president had to step in. After everyone had his attention, he lifted his trump then he delivered his speech. Everyone clapped and the president happily had his baby and they all lived happily ever after. Or so people were told but I know otherwise.

Week 38: Maëlle

The animals were waiting. Then the elephant delivered his speech:

“Morning everyone, thank you for coming.
You have all been so brave during these three unusual months. Thank you for staying inside. I am so proud of this jungle for rising up to this challenge. Let’s take a moment to think about our friends that have left us this spring. Apologies to all family members that have had a hard time dealing with their losses. Keep making me proud. Stay safe and keep social distancing.
Thank you for listening”

The animals cheered and the elephant exited the stage after bowing.

Week 33: Malo

It was a Friday night. There was a scary rumour that something strange was in the graveyard, next to Alley Street. My friend and I set to see what that thing was. We arrived at the graveyard just after 10 o’clock. We went to the monument of the dead and crept inside. As we entered, deafening screams echoed through the cold night. We bravely kept going in. The screaming stopped and we heard loud footsteps behind us. When we thought the person was gone a blood stained hand touched my shoulder. I ran out of there as fast as I could.

Week 33: Maëlle

It was the 3rd day of the 2nd month of the 1st year of confinement. Time was passing very slowly, my neighbours were getting very bored, as was I. Parents of my friends were fighting, arguing, shouting and screaming at each other. One night, I heard deafening screams echoing through the cold night. I decided to find where they were coming from. I walked across the street and opened my neighbour’s door, without knocking. I saw a man on the floor, barely alive. I ran to a phone and called 911. Then, I saw footprints of blood, I followed them…

Week 32: Maelle

My friends and I were playing the bottle game. Basically, you spin the bottle, and somebody dares you to do something. The bottle stopped and landed on me and my friend. Our dare was to go in the forest at night. “But should we really do this?” I thought. I didn’t want to but I agreed anyway. When it was dark, we walked to the forest and we disappeared into the night, terrified. We walked to where they told us and then we ran. Suddenly, I tripped over a small rock and when I woke up I couldn’t remember anything.